Why Take This Training?

Telecom jobs are very common in India these days as most of the people are seeking a career in this field. There are numbers of companies that are opening their doors for the talented and skilled candidates who can better serve their customers and take the business to the next level.

However, huge career opportunities are available for the interested candidates but it is not easy to get the placement since n numbers of people are applying for that profile and increasing the competition. That’s the reason taking help of professional agencies is highly recommended

  • Match the Demand of the Industry
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Know the latest of the industry
  • Build Up Your Confidence
  • Good for the Companies
  • Redundancy in telecommunication network
  • Inspire Collaboration
  • Bring Flexibility to the Workplace
  • Save Time
  • Get employed fast after doing Telecom training
  • Professionals needing to fill in the knowledge gaps, understand the buzzwords and jargon, popular technologies like LTE, Ethernet, TCP/IP and MPLS, and more importantly, understand the ideas behind these technologies and how it all fits together.
  • Non-Engineering professionals who are in need of a solid knowledge base to be more effective in dealing with technology projects and technical personnel.
  • Managers and planners.  Telecom system administrators.  Finance, tax and accounting personnel.  Software and support system developers.
  • Decision-makers and project managers who need to understand what the “techies” are saying.
  • Anyone who wants to eliminate buzzword frustration, understand the concepts and how it all fits together.
  • Anyone willing to invest three days to obtain career-enhancing training, with certification and reference book.

High-Technext’s courses have been taught to wide acclaim across India since 2015 and are designed for the professional needing to fill in the gaps, build a solid base of knowledge… and understand how it all fits together.

  1. Eliminate uncertainty and frustration in not knowing terms and technologies with a clear understanding of telecom, and networking fundamentals, components, systems, standards, jargon and buzzwords.
  2. Cut through the jargon and vendor hype to get unbiased explanations of all of the mainstream choices for implementing telecom, allowing you to make meaningful comparisons and informed decisions … knowledge skills you can put to use today and in the future.
  3. Get up to speed on the latest developments and trends. This course is totally up to date with SIP trunking, VoIP, 4G, Optical Ethernet, MPLS and more, providing far more benefit than outdated courses.
  4. This course is specifically designed for non‑engineers: learn the fundamentals, concepts and underlying ideas – in plain English – and fill the gaps in your knowledge, without bogging down on details.
  5. Learn from the best.  Instructor-led training is the best you can get, where you can interact and ask questions.  Not only do High-Technext’s instructors consistently receive highest ratings on student evaluations and specific praise of their ability to get ideas across, our instructors hold Bachelor of Engineering degrees or equivalent and have decades of experience working in the field.
  6. Get certifications.

Without bogging down on unnecessary details, understand the ideas, concepts, technologies and solutions, increasing your confidence and allowing you to make informed choices and meaningful comparisons – knowledge you can’t get on the job, reading trade magazines or talking to vendors.

This course delivers the essential core knowledge set required in telecom today.  The content, its order, our analogies and explanations have been refined over the course of more than twenty years… and we constantly update it.

The course philosophy is:

  • Start at the beginning of the story, progress through it in a logical order, and finish at the end.
  • Bust the buzzwords, explain the jargon, and more importantly, the underlying ideas and concepts: key concept-level knowledge that you can’t get on the job, from magazines or vendors.
  • Covering the topics in a systematic way, we build structured knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

Training Facilities

  • High-Technext has excellent facilities for training. The lecture rooms at the High-Technext are equipped with modern teaching aids. Emphasis is given on simulation of conditions existing in the work environment. Hands-on is encouraged on live telecom systems.
  • High-Technext encompasses training capabilities in different streams i.e.
  • Mobile technologies: GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G LTE and LTE Advanced and Wi- Max.
  • Modern Transmission Technologies: OFC, SDH, NG SDH, DWDM, GPON and FTTH.
  • Satellite Communication: Antenna, VSAT, DTH, GPS and optimization of Power (Link Calculation).
  • Next Generation Networks: working of Digital Exchanges, soft Switch and IMS.
  • IT & Networking: IPV4, IPV6, LAN, VLAN, Router Configuration, MPLS and Broadband.
  • Electrical Eng.: Air Conditioning, Power system, Engine, Alternator, Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy