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We maintain the highest security to the information that we have been entrusted with. We remain committed to deliver high quality services to both clients and candidates by adequately understanding their needs. The Job Seekers are requested to post their CV along with Recent Photograph for a particular job.


Installation & Commissioning of BTS Equipment

Scope of work:

  • Receipt of site information from customer along with TND/RND
  • RFI check along with ensuring the site permissions
  • Material reception at the sites and checking as per packing list. Intimate to the customer in case of any deficiency
  • Hoisting of GSM/CDMA antennas on tower as per TND/RND
  • Clamping and routing of RF cables from Shelter to Antennae
  • Grounding the Antennae and RF cables at appropriate place
  • Ensuring drip loop/Z loop at cable entry plate
  • Ensuring no sharp bend on RF cables
  • Fixing OGB
  • Weather proofing
  • Fixing EMPs/Surge arrestors along with connectorization in shelter
  • Grouting the BTS
  • Extending, power cables, E1 cables, grounding cables to BTS
  • Fixing IGB and extending grounding to all peripheral equipment
  • Fixing DDF
  • Installation of Battery bank and rectifier
  • Installation of internal cable try
  • Installation of indoor jumpers
  • Checking VSWR
  • Switching on the equipment
  • Commissioning the equipment as per defined procedure
  • Power measurement
  • Filling the check list and execution of quality audit

MW Installation and commissioning

Scope of works:

  • Receipt of site information from customer along with TND/RND
  • RFI check in near end and far end besides ensuring the site permissions
  • Material reception at both ends and checking as per packing list and intimate the customer in case of exigency
  • Assembling and hoisting of MW antennas & radios on tower in both ends as per TND/RND
  • Clamping and routing of if cables from Shelter to Antennae in both ends
  • Grounding the antennas and RF cables at appropriate place
  • Fixing Transmission rack if required in both ends
  • Installation & commissioning of IDUs in shelters
  • Alignment of MW antennas till we achieve required receive level
  • Grounding, weather proofing and labeling all cables in both ends
  • Acceptance test

BSC/MSC/STP/SDH/DWDM/PTN/XDM/DLC/FSO/DSLAM Installation and commissioning

Scope of works:

  • Receipt of site information from customer along with TND/RND
  • RFI check at the site besides ensuring the site permissions. Sending the SDR to customer
  • Material reception and checking as per packing list and intimate the customer in case of exigency
  • Grouting the equipment rack and inserting all required modules as per the manual/lay out drawing
  • Interconnection with appropriate cables/jumpers
  • Grounding the equipment
  • Installation of DCDB and extension of power to the equipment
  • Installation of DDF and extension of E1s to the equipment by Kroning
  • Installation of optical cables if required and measurement of power
  • Switching on the equipment and commissioning as per the procedure
  • Allotment of given IP address and extension of services to the subscribers
  • BER test if required
  • Preparation of AT document and sign off

Training Centre

Proper and Regular Trainings are required to keep up the Quality assurance for customers. A highly trained manpower always ensures the quality implementation of all processes and thus delvers the end results high on quality. We have our in-house Training and Development Centre to cater to all technical and soft skills requirements. Our experienced Training team is also field experienced to provide practical exposures at all levels apart from theoretical Knowledge.

We provide trainings to our Partner Teams as to increase their competency levels and deliver quality output. All manpower is trained at regular intervals on all grounds such as Technical, New equipment’s, Troubleshooting, New Policies, Work Ethics, OHS policies, EHS policies, Process following Techniques, Implementation Process, Quality Process, Management Process, and Soft Skills etc.

Fully Equipped Lab is present to support all required practical to the Eng. before going to Field. All types of Tool Training is provided to make the Engineers / Technicians ready when they are on field. All Frequency and Power Measuring Meters are used to train the Engineers to provide best quality of installations and its testing. Full OHS / EHS trainings are provided to make them aware of Safety and other related procedures in case of Emergencies.
We Develop and create perfect Engineers ready for sites and fully self-dependent. Our trained resources are best among all in the Telecom Industry. We also train client manpower as per the tailored requirement.

Centre of Excellence in learning, Growth &Success for Career oriented In house and Partner Teams.
In house LAB for hands on training on Testing Equipment’s and Tools
Regular Technical as well as Soft skill Training by Trained Professional.

High-Technext offers below training course:

  • Winter / Summer Training(4 weeks)
  • Industrial Training(4 weeks)
  • Industrial safety Training(15days)

Training include:


LOS Survey Services — The ultimate goal of LOS survey is to have MW connectivity between the two sites to ascertain the Line of Site clearance. The LOS survey is carried out physically checking the terrain between the hop and selecting the sites for acquisition.

EMF Survey — EMF (or Electromagnetic Field) is a broad term which includes electric fields generated by charged particles, magnetic fields generated by charged particles in motion, and radiated fields such as TV, radio, and microwaves

RF Survey — A wireless site survey, sometimes called an RF sitesurvey or wireless survey, is the process of planning and designing a wireless network, to provide a wireless solution that will deliver the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and Quality of Service


BTS —base transceiver station (BTS) is a piece of equipment that facilitates wireless communication between user equipment (UE) and a network. UEs are devices like mobile phones (handsets), WLL phones, computers with wireless Internet connectivity. The network can be that of any of the wireless communication technologies like GSMCDMAwireless local loopWi-FiWiMAX or other wide area network(WAN) technology.

IBS — In-Building Solution (IBS) provides indoor coverage using a series of hubs/Equipment’s distributing the signal to number of antennas. The IBS gives additional leverage to strengthen the quality of wireless Signals, hence assures smooth wireless communication for PDAs, Lap-tops and mobile phones. Our in-building Solution offers the users with the best indoor coverage and quality.


Microwave links —microwave link is a communications system that uses a beam of radio waves in the microwave frequency range to transmit information between two fixed locations on the earth.  Microwave links carry cellular telephone calls between cell sites.