About Us

Welcome to :: High-Technext Engineering & Telecom Pvt. Ltd.

High-Technext is one of the leading Indian providers telecom services and Indian business solutions. Catering to fast growing needs of Telecom Industry with multiple delivery centres strategically located across India. We provide services to all the major telecom operators in India.
High-Technext was established with a vision to provide value based specialized services to the telecom domain.
Our motto is to utilize the vast talent pool of skilled manpower available in India to provide specialized services to the leading name in the Telecom Industry in RF & Transmission(RF & Tx Survey Engg. ) Drive Test, Network Planning & Transmission Planning Engg., BTS, BSS, MSC Engg., MIS Engg., NOC(Alarm Monitoring) Engg., Autocad & Documentation resources for TI services in addition to complete manpower solutions to technical needs of the industry. Our strength lies in our in house training facilities to keep our resources updates to the latest trends in the Industry.
We draw our strength from a unique business model focused on development of client centric/project centric offices to create quick response infrastructure to our clients. We are trusted service providers to the telecom giants in Indian space for our efficient and competitive services.

Our Mission

With the support of our customers and their trust in us
High-Technext Engineering & Telecom Pvt. Ltd. has managed
to be one of the leading organizations in the field of
information transmission for past 10 years. Both the types of
infrastructure in telecom industry namely active and passive
are lead by us. We draw our quality from an excellent
arrangement of activities that are focused on client progression
and driven from positive work environments to make smart
response structure to our customers. We have our presence in
more than 12 states in India and have also acquired the
position of being one of the best Telecom Company in India.

Our Vision

Telecommunication being one of the fastest growing
industries in India has lead India stand as the second highest
telecommunications market in the world. India is adding more
mobile connections every month than any other county and
this trend is apparent by the massive incursions of handsets
into the country. This has lead to an increased traffic in
networking and telecom. And thus the need for efficient
vendors who can control and divert the traffic in the right
direction has also increased recurrently.

The vision of High-Technext Engineering & Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
is to find and provide a viable solution to all these existent and
intermittent problems in the most feasible manner.

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